The Dogworld ~666~ Mid Year Spectacular

by Dogworld Records

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released July 2, 2013




Dogworld Records Melbourne, Australia

beat to the step of a different drump: the most rare Melbourne experimental beats collective featuring some iconoclastic artists in the industry such as areographe, underscore, pilbu and lottery in babylon. Our new monthly ep features rare, swag remixes, white labels and collaborations between dogworld artists. this label cannot be labelled: we got breakbeats, trap, dubstep, brostep, dada hip hop. ... more

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Track Name: Ma$ta $plinta - Dank Engine (can i get a 420)
$ keep rollin in it deep kush surfer $
Track Name: L.A. Babylon - this is like a bad sunset
you're all i got inside my head, baby
when i'm drifting off intoyou
i like this love that we have so much
it is like a bad sunset
i'm trying to make emotions cool, baby
with you i'll wear your tears
on the cuff of love i have with you
under my flesh and coat
lie and tell me you will still be here
even if i was a bad idea

you've become an old dream
setting in tired sun
distantly i am sad
because i miss your
thighs in autumn now
i need you
dimly deeply
i'm naked beneath you
sweating in a poet's mess
looking at you, holy
in your only dress
fool me baby
make me truly blessed
silken wonder
you are
i am
under a spell
i guess i love you
too much

i want see your whole again
break inside your holiness
mess me up beside you
mutter to me everythng
i shiver for you
closer baby
aching like a
bitter letter
read it maybe
feel it
i ask
love me
10ft above the ground
make me elevated
make me elevated

you've become an old dream
setting in the tired sun
god danmit won't you just
tell me i am damn handsome